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Florida Financial Planner

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The money would fund a position to identify and enter “disqualifying mental health records within expected timeframes,” according to an outline of FDLE’s request, which was approved last month by the state’s Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Systems Council. Clerks in each county are responsible for entering mental health records that would disqualify someone from buying a gun into the Florida Mental Competency application, which is overseen by FDLE. The problem was first identified in a little-noticed 2016 audit focused on mental health records between June 2014 and February 2016. It found 17 percent of mental health records were “reported late." Of the 5,771 records that were late-entered, which means one month after a person was found to have a serious mental illness or institutionalized, 225 were not entered for between 181 and 365 days, and 61 were not entered for between 366 and 525 days. Disqualifying information is flagged when a judge finds someone a danger to themselves or others, not guilty by reason of insanity, commits them to a mental health treatment facility involuntarily, or finds them incompetent. In a follow-up done six months later, state auditors reported that in late 2016, counties began telling FDLE they were working to identify mental health records that would disqualify someone from buying a gun that were never entered into the database. As a result, Miami-Dade, Pinellas, and Putnam counties collectively found 300 that had not been submitted. The audit also noted that FDLE and state clerks are working on a multi-year program that will "greatly enhance the entry of records into" the mental health database. Though the problem has existed since at least mid-2014, Gov. Rick Scott’s office and key lawmakers were not aware the problem had been flagged by state auditors until alerted by POLITICO. “The Clerk’s Office never made us aware of this,” said McKinley Lewis, a Scott spokesman. “The Clerks of Court in Florida are locally elected, and the governor expects them to prioritize their resources to quickly resolve this issue,” Lewis added. “FDLE continues to work with the Clerks to supply federal grant funding and ensure criminal justice databases are effectively utilized so law enforcement can work to keep Floridians safe.” State Rep.

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Florida Financial Planner

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